Solving Global Oral Health Challenges with Lasting Impact


Oral diseases continue to be an obstacle to good health and well-being. This issue persists for two simple reasons: lack of affordability and lack of access to dental care. 

In fact, according to The 2017 Global Burden of Disease Study, it is estimated that oral diseases affect more than 530 million children, and close to 3.5 billion people worldwide. 

That’s nearly half of the world's population!

And That’s a FACT. But there’s HOPE!


Unspoken Smiles is one of the leading non-profit organizations fighting to get oral health care to everyone, every day, everywhere. 

We set ourselves apart through our focus on building a long-lasting mission project that not only benefits women and children but their communities as well. 

Whether you tell a friend, tell your family, shop, shop more, or shop again, your choice to take action TODAY is the action needed to make a difference. 

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You Shop. Amazon Gives.

Support Unspoken Smiles by shopping on Amazon and have .05% of the price from eligible products be donated to fund out dental hygiene efforts around the globe. These donations are essential to the work we do to educate and prevent dental decay in children. 

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"I have been working in Unspoken Smiles foundation- Kurdistan's beautiful team for almost two years. I see respect and love, with equalities between each and every member in the organization from the very first activity till now. That motivates me to do more and trying my best to achieve the aims. Also makes me to be more comfortable and happy by them by my side I will be working unstoppably without feeling of any tiredness. God willing we will continue to reach our golas without limits."

- Tablo, Board Member

"Unspoken Smiles Cares so much about oral health and people around the world. They empower many into joining their movement of educating youth about oral health. They do work that has never been done before. As a volunteer, I feel that I am making a big impact in this organization. The founder Jean Paul is a very humble man with a big heart, he inspires so many of us."

- Jhoanny, Unspoken Smiles Fellow

"During the Covid-19 pandemic in NYC, I’ve had the opportunity to be a volunteer for this amazing organization. Being a part of this organization has shown me the positive impact we can provide to these children during these uncertain times & seeing how happy they are to learn. This has been such a rewarding experience to say the least. Forever grateful to be able to continue to pursue my passion for dentistry & inspired by Unspoken Smiles mission to promote healthy smiles to communities worldwide!"

- Stephanie, Volunteer